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Admissions Policy and Procedures

Admissions Director

Mr. Edward Culbert

                     ADMISSIONS STATEMENT                        

Selma University’s mission is to prepare men and women to be servant leaders throughout the world. The school offers a quality educational program with liberal arts emphasis, equipping diverse students spiritually, intellectually and socially and to produce graduates who lead in the profession for which they were trained. Our mission is to recruit and enroll young men and women as students at Selma University.

Application for admissions should be made on forms provided by the college. All application materials should be received by the Office of Admissions one month prior to applicant’s desired enrollment. Selma University has an open door policy. The application procedure is as follows:


     • Complete and return the Admission’s Application Form.
     • Submit REQUIRED medical information prior to start of classes: TB-skin test results.

Applicants are to arrange for a copy of their OFFICIAL high school transcript or GED test scores to be sent to Selma University via post-office mail. High schools or colleges that utilize e-script may submit the transcript to the admissions office via E-mail. If an applicant has attended any college(s), the applicant should have all academic and financial aid transcripts sent as well. However, if the student’s college transcript has fewer than thirty (30) semester hours of academic college level courses completed with a “C” or better, an official copy of the high school transcript will be required for matriculation.

ACT/SAT Scores
The applicant is to submit scores from the ACT (American College Testing) Program or the SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Test) Program if these tests have been taken. Usually, these scores appear on your high school transcript. “Students who do not submit official ACT scores of 17 or higher (or comparable SAT score) will be required to take the University’s placement test before beginning classes. The placement scores will be used to determine the student’s placement into academic courses as described in the course catalog.

Applicants who supply Selma University with documentation of successful completion of their high school course requirements for the State of Alabama, but who have not received a Diploma or GED may apply for admission to a degree-granting program through the Ability to Benefit policy, as follows:


Upon submitting an application for admission, applicants will be required to take an Ability-to-Benefit assessment test. Applicants achieving the minimum score as established by the U.S. Department of Education will be admitted to Selma University and will be permitted to matriculate and apply for financial aid.

You must pass the Ability to Benefit Test if you meet both of the following conditions:

Ability to Benefit Test also serves as academic placement test.*

You have not earned a high school diploma or GED
You are applying for federal financial aid.


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