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Selma University VISION 2031
Making the vision clear to runners!!!

Inspired by Habakkuk 2:2
As of February 18, 2021

By 2031 Selma University will be firmly situated as a notable institution of
higher education for transforming men and women into highly effective
servant leaders in African American communities and abroad.
The campus community culture and climate will be one where cadre
embrace and practice the Christian faith and demonstrate servant
leadership as a lifestyle. The University seeks students who are willing to
respect and practice the Christian faith, participate in Christian service
opportunities, and willingly practice campus community protocols and
biblical teachings.

The graduates will be highly proficient in the skills required to perform tasks
commensurate with their credentials and demonstrate a propensity for
impacting their communities through servant leadership.
The University’s academic accreditations and reputation for producing
distinguished graduates, will help to ensure that student credits and
credentials are widely recognized and accepted by other institutions of
higher education and businesses nationwide.

Alumni and parents, church and community leaders, employers, and
educational agencies throughout the State of Alabama will view Selma
University as an effective institution for creating servant leaders and
granting degrees to graduates who are competent in their respective fields.
The Alabama State Missionary Baptist Convention will view the University
as its primary instrument for providing higher Christian education to
preachers and teachings in Baptist Churches and African American
communities throughout Alabama.

Finally, the University will be valued by community members as an
important voice in community affairs and enjoy a warm collaborative
relationship among colleges and universities throughout the State.

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