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Selma University’s mission is to prepare men and women to be servant leaders who inspire a spirit of generative servant leadership in the communities where they live and work.

The school offers a quality educational program with liberal arts emphasis, equipping diverse students spiritually, intellectually, and socially, thereby producing graduates who lead in the profession for which they were trained.

To fulfill its mission, Selma University is committed to achieving the following goals:

1.   Preparing scholarly and faithful leaders in all the areas they choose to serve.

2.   Creating communities of academic inquiry by providing the necessary resources within the school

      and beyond.

3.   Creating an environment that is both spiritual and academic, which enables students to develop  

      ethical character during their academic endeavors and in the future.

4.   Reaching students whose circumstances may have thwarted their efforts for educational opportunities.

5.   Advancing operational strength and enhancing an appealing campus environment through developing      

      relationships and generating resources that promote the Institutional Mission.

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