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Note: Please refer to the following website for additional information about Selma University that is on file with the National Center for Education Statistics:


Registration begins during the week prior to the start of classes. A Schedule of Classes is produced by the Office of the Registrar that details the available courses. A late registration period will occur during the first week of classes.


The initial advisor will be the department chairperson who then will assign a permanent advisor for the student.


Once the students have met their advisor, they may then proceed to the Registrar’s Office to register their classes.


After registering, students must receive clearance from the Financial Aid Administrator, the Chief Academic Officer, and the Chief Financial Officer to be validated for registration. A student ID card must be acquired to finalize the student’s registration.


At the end of the registration period, the student’s class registration will be verified with the Business Office for validation. Any students who have not validated classes by the end of the ADD/DROP period will be removed from classes.


During the registration period, the Academic Calendar of events will be posted on the campus and on the website at

To request more information:

Ms. Marion Harris

Mon-Fri 8:30am - 2:30pm


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